+30.213.0070547 Attica, Greece | 01/07-06/07/2018

Organizing Institute

Research and Development Department
Ellinogermaniki Agogi
D. Panagea, 15351 Pallini

Organizing Committee

Mr. Stephanos Cherouvis
Tel:  +30 213 0070547
Mr. Nikos Zygouritsas
Tel:  +30 210 8176 799

Ellinogermaniki Agogi (EA) has rich experience in the coordination of research and demonstration projects focusing on teacher training and professional development and since 2008 it has been organising successful international training courses for teachers, funded by the European Commission (up to 2013 by the LLP Comenius Programme and as of 2014 by the ERASMUS+ programme), focusing on innovative teaching practices and use of e-learning resources and tools in order to enhance the quality of teaching and learning in European schools.

EA is an educational organization of private law, officially recognized by the State. It is an institutional member of EDEN (European Distance Education Network) and of STEDE (Science Teacher Education Development in Europe) network. EA was the national representative of the Greek Ministry of Education in the International exhibition “Salon de l’ education” that was held in November 2000 in Paris in the framework of the e-Learning Initiative of the European Commission. EA was the first Greek educational organization, which applied ODL in secondary level education in the year of 1993. Since 1995, the organization has established a devoted department, the Research and Development (R&D) Department for the design, development and implementation of the research activities in education, expanding the collaboration with Universities and pedagogical Institutions across Europe, as it provides the best -bed for research applications. During the last years the R&D department has coordinated and supported the participation of EA in more than 100 European (IST, eContentplus, Socrates/MINERVA, Leonardo da Vinci) and National projects.

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